Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Army Day" : German, Belgium and Luxembourg army

Aujourd'hui 07/07/2013 se tenais la journée de l'armée au Luxembourg. Nous avons pu visiter la ville de Diekirch ou l'armée du Luxembourg a exposé de nombreux véhicules comme HMMWV, DINGO 2, MLST blindé.......
Les armées allemandes, Belges et françaises étaient aussi dans la ville.
Camions MAN allemands et PANDUR 6x6 et Piranha AIV Belges étaient très intéressants.

Today 07/07/2013 was held the day of the army in Luxembourg. We visited the town of Diekirch Luxembourg, the army has exposed many vehicles as HMMWV, DINGO 2, armored MLST .......
The German armies, Belgians and French were also in the city.
German MAN truck and PANDUR 6x6 and Piranha AIV from Belgians army were very interesting.

More photographic report on :  

Piranha AIV build by MOWAG / Belium army
DINGO 2 / Belgian army
Me at the 12.7mm on the HMMWV
Luxembourg HMMWV

PANDUR 6x6 / Belgium army

DINGO 2 / Belgian army


DINGO 2 / Luxembourg army


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  2. In first pic this is a Piranha AIV build by MOWAG